2017 Reflections

2017 was a tough year for me personally, and music never let me down with the therapy I received from it.  

I played numerous solo shows, taking on new material – honing the craft of looping harmonies and bed tracks – not to mention becoming a ‘Causeway Busker’, performing a few days a week in the summer.  As host of the All Ages Open Mic at Ma Miller’s, it has proven to be a wonderful community of encouragement and support, meeting new artists and friends every week.  The Carla Olive Trio took on new form in Victoria, with Iain Rose on drums and Dennis Siemens on bass – both great musicians on the scene, and releasing my sixth recording,  ‘Carla Olive Trio EP’.   Occasionally, I performed as host guitar player of The Loft jam, where I found another community of like-minded, passionate individuals.  In early October, I drove to the Calgary homeland for week to reconnect with friends and family – and the music community performing/participating.

So very thankful for the music community here in Victoria – I have been received!  I’m excited for what the future holds musically here… as someone said to me when I first arrived: ‘Victoria will find you.’

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