I’m finished up in the Jasper area and making my way over to Grande Prairie today where much of my family still resides, and will be congregated to celebrate my nephew’s marriage this Saturday.

Reflecting on the past week, it feels like two weeks has passed!  Maybe that has something to do with travelling alone with lots of time to think, plan, sort out and reflect – I’m not that fun to hang out with!

I was inspired by the intricacies of our landscape in Alberta – from the tenderness of a flower to the majesty of our mountains, to its unpredictable weather systems.  I was compelled to feel at its mercy, and should be grateful to live in its peace and turmoil at the same time.  I feel the peace and turmoil in my own life as an artist, but need to accept and learn to walk the two side by side – just as it behaves in our natural environment.

I found by the end of the tour, I felt totally uninhibited by making plans and goals and dreams.  I have confidence in my abilities and the abilities of other artists around me – I plan to help the greater community.  The original artists CKUA showcases and listening to the music of my peers while I drove, have inspired me with their original sounds – I have to diligently practice and learn more everyday.  I will carry on my intentional rehearsal and creativity time, and look forward to collaborating with others.

Mostly, I feel immense gratitude… gratitude that music picked me.  I can only aspire to honor this gift as well as I can, and encourage those who live in this same mystery.  I will always be a songwriter and musician… there will always be another tour.