Artist On Board – VIA RAIL

Taking in Canadian Music Week 2018 in Toronto via the VIA RAIL this Friday May 4th, as the Artist On Board – a program benefiting both Artist and Venue.  I’ll be performing in the lounge cars three times a day, 45 minutes at a time, and one station stop – for a ride plus meals across the country.  Not only an inspiring way to get across the country, but a great opportunity to share my music and make new friends… on my way to learn and be inspired at CMW.  I’ll be posting daily the adventure that awaits!

One thought on “Artist On Board – VIA RAIL”

  1. Hey Carla, hope you’re having a good time. I see from the photo of you writing on the train that you write left-handed, yet you play guitar right-handed??! What’s the story behind that?

    – Richard K.

    P.S. If you see any blue extension cords being used on the train, please resist the temptation to add them to your collection…

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