Canadian Music Week – Day 3

Last night was yet another night of fabulous music – just humbled by the music I’m listening to around the city!  Most memorable was Chersea from Vancouver – a four piece band with drums, bass, two keyboards, and yes, two trumpets… the harmony trumpet parts were so well done, and band was killer. 

Little Known Carla Fact:  I played trumpet in school for 8 years – wow! – I just surprised myself by  counting out the years just now – ha!  I don’t play the trumpet anymore, but Chersea may have inspired me!

The conference was full with talks on publishing, agents and managers today… bottom line: write good songs, curate great live shows, take care of your fans.  I find myself constantly writing down new ideas for my business – tis the spirit of this conference – enlightening!  The day ended with Tom Jackson giving a session on live performance.  The first time I experienced Tom’s magic was in L.A. at a Christian music conference, when I was newly in the scene at 20 years old.  He certainly has a method, and it was demonstrated before my eyes with a new country band – working on the moments of the show.  The most valuable words of encouragement I heard from Tom was:  be confident , know it – within confidence comes charisma.  Lately, I’ve been meditating on identity and purpose – do I feel called to this life as a Singer/Songwriter, and to what purpose? Big questions.

After the conference, I decided to go for supper at The Rex Jazz Club – it keeps calling me back for more and more.  Four-piece band with sax, drums, guitar and organ/bass player today… just blew my brain apart with their music!  Sat at the bar, struck up a conversation with a regular customer sitting kitty-corner from me.  He was very interested in my industry, and reminded me of what a blessing it is to be able to play music for a living!  Its strange to most, but inspiring at the same time.  Then off to The Cameron House with Patrick Brealey and The Boys kickin’ it up with some original alt-country tunes.  In the back of the club, I caught Natalie Lynn with her alt/pop band… so cool! 

I decided to take in a short night… maybe play some guitar – keep up the neighbors!