Canadian Music Week – Day 4

An early morning at the conference greeted me with talks on publishing and sync to film and tv.  So many opportunities to take advantage of in this music business – very inspiring and encouraging!  Its been a full week of learning, and today marks the last day of the conference I’ll be attending – I feel so refreshed and ready for what is to come for my career.

My friend Martin from Calgary, just moved to Toronto in the last couple of days, so we took in the evenings events together.  One of which I didn’t want to miss was Calgary’s own Mariel Buckley showcase at The Dakota – performing alongside her bandmates, Keane and Jessica.  Great show indeed, and Mariel brought her A game to CMW definitely.  Martin and I hit up all venues spilling out with live music (which was quite a few!), and enjoyed everything from Jazz to Country – awesome!

Now, off to see my brother for a couple of days in Ottawa, then back to the island… back to teaching my very well-rehearsed students (fingers crossed!), the Thursday night jam at the Loft, then a show with the Trio Friday night… too much fun!

One thought on “Canadian Music Week – Day 4”

  1. Yeah! That was a FUN night and so good to see you again, pumped and enthusiastic about the music. It was cool being with you and seeing my home city through YOUR eyes after you lived that magical week C! I never would have thought to stroll down Ossington as we did after Mariel Buckley’s show at The Dakota and yet we found that cool Jazz band, three horns and a drummer that Andrzej would have respected on Ossington!! :D. Now I just learned that you played the trumpet in school! I finally read through all your posts on the website here. It was assume Carla! Thanks for sharing it with me. 🙂 Take care… Martin

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