After over a year of performing at the Saturday jam at Morgan’s Pub, the owners decided to take me on for a Sunday night.  Three sets, three hundred bucks, and drink tickets.  Now, Morgan’s Pub is known for rock shows – albeit mostly cover bands on the weekends, but I thought their demographic would be perfect for my band, Bad Neighbor.  I landed the show, booked a radio interview, organized a photographer, invited some special guests to check me out, and prepared the band to rock.

Everything went as planned… except the heads up from my drummer that he would not be able to make the show.  After getting myself off the floor, I called up a select few who I thought could take on the task of playing drums for songs they’ve never heard before… my originals.  Celene Yohemas stepped up to the plate, and gave a stellar performance… she played in my Tabitha project back in 2009.  Steven Shepard needs to be praised for his helpful direction to Celene, and of course, his talented bass playing!  Somehow, we pulled the show off and rocked the place.

All in all, some promises were made, some connections were connected, and that’s the music biz for you.  Or perhaps, that’s just life… be prepared for the unknown.  Like wearing a gas mask.