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Piano Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been revisiting playing the piano – my first love.  I challenged myself weekend before last to write 3 songs on piano to debut at my open mic at Koi the following Tuesday.  Sure enough, I came up with two new tunes and a rearrangement on an older tune I wrote 2 years ago – complete with the loop station.  My demos sound great with piano – can’t wait to start recording for real and nailing the magic – inspiring!

First Rehearsal

Had my first rehearsal with a bass player and drummer this past week, working out the songs I have recorded so far.  Was good to hear the songs with a rhythm section other than my loop station!  I can hear the songs starting to come alive, and this is very encouraging!

Something else that is encouraging is the Cafe Koi open mic that I host – I’m absolutely astounded at the number of singer/songwriters making it out to share with the community their works of art.  This city is full of talented artists, and the world needs to hear about them – Koi is simply an outlet for the torture within, and the reward is playing in front of an audience who listens.

Off to record with Marco again on friday this week – hopefully we’ll track another four songs – looking forward to it!!