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Rail Adventures – Day 2

Since embarking on the train, I’ve been re-familiarizing myself with train life… I took this same trip on my way to Toronto and back, two years ago. 

Remembering the tossing about from car to car, the stop and go of train traffic, the awkward way of walking from car to car through the heavy doors, passing by all the huge windows revealing the country, the laid back atmosphere of the bar cars, the smiling faces of both the staff and patrons.  As I write this, I’m looking out upon the train cars ahead, they bounce along the track… wondering what causes that, as the tracks look pretty straight to me, lol!   So far, I’ve met a handful of folks from meal times… from professional translator, police officer, school administrator to animation curator.  I have a few folks who follow my sets around the train, seeing familiar faces challenges me to mix up my song selections!

We are travelling through most of Alberta and Saskatchewan today, with Winnipeg as our goal for tomorrow morning.  I’ve been enjoying the sky that goes on forever… reminds me of growing up in Grande Prairie, Alberta – where the earth never stops.

Rail Adventures – Day 1

During the first night, I woke up to a huge bang of my toiletries hitting the floor… thinking that the vigor of the train caused this, and because I put too many things on the counter.  Later, I learned that we almost had a collision with a freight train during the night, causing us to slam on the brakes.  Much traffic on the tracks and checking the brakes, put us on a 7 hour delay… nothing like travelling by train! 

The weather was mild and sunny, giving us spectacular views of the countryside.  So very thankful for the beauty of this country, and the privilege of living in it! The passengers are very receptive to my music, and encouraging – unloading a few CD’s.  I’m just getting to know a select few people, and look forward to cultivating our acquaintance!  We arrived as far as Jasper our first day.

VIA Bound!

It’s been a beautiful day of travel… the skies were calm, the water pristine.  I stumbled into my usual lunch spot (can I call it that?!) in Vancouver, just a few blocks from Central Station.  Its funny how everything feels ‘old hat’ to me this time around!  Started the trip off with a set in the lounge… now people know what they are stuck with for the next 4 days!

Artist On Board – VIA RAIL

Taking in Canadian Music Week 2018 in Toronto via the VIA RAIL this Friday May 4th, as the Artist On Board – a program benefiting both Artist and Venue.  I’ll be performing in the lounge cars three times a day, 45 minutes at a time, and one station stop – for a ride plus meals across the country.  Not only an inspiring way to get across the country, but a great opportunity to share my music and make new friends… on my way to learn and be inspired at CMW.  I’ll be posting daily the adventure that awaits!

2017 Reflections

2017 was a tough year for me personally, and music never let me down with the therapy I received from it.  

I played numerous solo shows, taking on new material – honing the craft of looping harmonies and bed tracks – not to mention becoming a ‘Causeway Busker’, performing a few days a week in the summer.  As host of the All Ages Open Mic at Ma Miller’s, it has proven to be a wonderful community of encouragement and support, meeting new artists and friends every week.  The Carla Olive Trio took on new form in Victoria, with Iain Rose on drums and Dennis Siemens on bass – both great musicians on the scene, and releasing my sixth recording,  ‘Carla Olive Trio EP’.   Occasionally, I performed as host guitar player of The Loft jam, where I found another community of like-minded, passionate individuals.  In early October, I drove to the Calgary homeland for week to reconnect with friends and family – and the music community performing/participating.

So very thankful for the music community here in Victoria – I have been received!  I’m excited for what the future holds musically here… as someone said to me when I first arrived: ‘Victoria will find you.’