VIA RAIL – Day 12 & 13

After a hearty breakfast and checking out of my hotel yesterday, I spent most of the day at the train station. BTW, I totally recommend The Rex Hotel and Jazz Club for those of you who want to stay in the heart of Toronto, and be lullabied every night by the sweet sounds of horns and drums! Really – the music was always phenomenal, and the staff – friendly.

As I was reading in the station (The Eighth Habit by Stephen Covey), I overheard that one of the trains coming in was 9 hours late. Frustrating for most, as usually people had plans to connect to another train or plane, and had to book a hotel last minute and make other plans for travel. This is something I’ve learned is a common occurrence for train travel, and they should probably let passengers know it’s a probable possibility. A great place to people watch, and tough not to hone in on a conversation or two – I witnessed two senior couples getting irate with each other obviously under the stress of making other arrangements for their trip. My heart dropped listening to this, as anyone should know it would be someone in old age – to know that its not worth bringing someone else down for something they can’t control. Anyway… stress sucks… or marriage!  (Sorry).

Leading up to my train arriving, I decided to wait in the business lounge – thankfully this was a whole other experience! The oasis was set up with comfy chairs, silent TV’s, free refreshments, and calming music playing on the overhead speaker. I listened to Michael Hedges’ music play in rotation, and was immediately sent to another place… it made reading about my emotional and spiritual quotient much more calming! Turns out, our train was scheduled to come in two hours late.

Finally boarding the train, I was sent to a different car than my ticket described, and found that my luggage was not in my room… no guitar to be found and none of my luggage. On the brink of a panic attack, a staff member and I scurried around to track them down. Apparently in Carla-spacey-blond-fashion, I was supposed to pick up my luggage I wanted on the train before we boarded at the baggage counter. Luckily, all was well and the staff was very kind in helping me out… WHEW! Sometimes, I wonder about myself!

Today, I just finished up the first set of my usual tunes – performing in the glass canopy car with the beauty of Ontario surrounding us. Similar demographic of passengers from last week, and a general air of lightness and vacation happiness around. Feels great to be performing again, and sharing music that enlightens and calms the mood of the people listening. What a powerful tool music is, and so thankful to be a catalyst of it!