Haida Gwaii Tour – Day 4-5

Saturday morning began with a mission to track down an electric guitar and amp. Roly got the word out there the day before, and found out Carl has a Les Paul to lend me… darn! Turns out, its a 1971 Les Paul – along with a vintage Yamaha tube amp with a nice growl. I was looking forward to the evening to rock out! George and Donnette own a property on Hippy Hill, where they host concerts in their backyard. A potluck, stage and great friends was the recipe for an amazing night – so fun!

The Tlell Fall Fair was a community event where local goods are sold, vegetable/flower/cows/goats/chicken competitors, food trucks and… music! Cousin Harley was the headliner, and they played two solid sets. I joined in with the Hippie Hill Billies for the first set, and Roly for his solo set. I performed an original set of my tunes, mixed in with a couple sing-a-longs to lighten the mood. Great stage!