Haida Gwaii Tour – Day 6-7

The last couple of days have been filled with taking in the sights… although anywhere you look is a sight to see. Roly and I headed into Tlell, where he landed first on the island, years ago. We checked out the ‘Balanced Rock’, Golden Spruce Trail, and toured the town of Tlell. Yesterday, we just sat by the water and he left me there for a while in solitude. We had a send-off meal with friends and family for Lucy, who has spent the last couple of months being part of this community – to continue her journey back home to Mexico. For her send off, Lucy cooked for us a signature meal, followed by a traditional flan made by Skye. Wow – delightful!

Hanging out with Roly reminds me of the importance of long time friends, ones who have a quiet understanding, even in silence. Amid laughs and tokes, Roly will randomly share stories, passages, and bits of life wisdom throughout our time together… his words come at just the right time, challenging or affirming what my heart is sorting out. His carefree nature is not without its life-lessons behind it… its good to listen to someone who has lived 30 years ahead of me, and is… perhaps, at peace.