Live Shows with The Carla Olive Trio

We had another wonderful rockin’ show this past Friday with some of Calgary’s best singer/songwriter acts. We hosted and shared the night with Toni Vere; Hello Moth; and Mark Schmidt at the Dog n Duck. We anticipate two more shows this coming weekend. Almost done at the studio – just a couple vocal tracks to do, some editing, mixing and mastering to follow! I know – its alot, but we’re on schedule!!

One thought on “Live Shows with The Carla Olive Trio”

  1. Hi Olive!
    Just connected with an old friend of mine ..Greg Godovitz,and I AM VERY impressed with your stuff! Keep it coming! It’s a small burg on the sunshine coast ..BC.called Powell River./.ever thought of doing a venue here? It would be a good place as a test market .you sound really busy and that;s a great thing! Congrats!.

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