Rail Adventures – Day 1

During the first night, I woke up to a huge bang of my toiletries hitting the floor… thinking that the vigor of the train caused this, and because I put too many things on the counter.  Later, I learned that we almost had a collision with a freight train during the night, causing us to slam on the brakes.  Much traffic on the tracks and checking the brakes, put us on a 7 hour delay… nothing like travelling by train! 

The weather was mild and sunny, giving us spectacular views of the countryside.  So very thankful for the beauty of this country, and the privilege of living in it! The passengers are very receptive to my music, and encouraging – unloading a few CD’s.  I’m just getting to know a select few people, and look forward to cultivating our acquaintance!  We arrived as far as Jasper our first day.

One thought on “Rail Adventures – Day 1”

  1. I’m sure passengers are thrilled to have you perform for them on the train – what a great idea for VIa Rail to come up with. I can remember back in the day the only “entertainment” on board the train was a pack of cards or a book or something – no multi-functions cell phones or internet, Sony Walkmans hadn’t even been invented, let alone mp4 players and ear buds… Passengers nowadays are spoiled!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts from your trip.

    Richard K.

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