Rail Adventures – Day 2

Since embarking on the train, I’ve been re-familiarizing myself with train life… I took this same trip on my way to Toronto and back, two years ago. 

Remembering the tossing about from car to car, the stop and go of train traffic, the awkward way of walking from car to car through the heavy doors, passing by all the huge windows revealing the country, the laid back atmosphere of the bar cars, the smiling faces of both the staff and patrons.  As I write this, I’m looking out upon the train cars ahead, they bounce along the track… wondering what causes that, as the tracks look pretty straight to me, lol!   So far, I’ve met a handful of folks from meal times… from professional translator, police officer, school administrator to animation curator.  I have a few folks who follow my sets around the train, seeing familiar faces challenges me to mix up my song selections!

We are travelling through most of Alberta and Saskatchewan today, with Winnipeg as our goal for tomorrow morning.  I’ve been enjoying the sky that goes on forever… reminds me of growing up in Grande Prairie, Alberta – where the earth never stops.