Rail Adventures – Day 3 & 4

I’m beginning to understand first hand the facts of train life… once the train is behind and off schedule, its inevitable that this trend continues for the rest of the journey. We are now 20 hours behind schedule – lol! On the bright side, we wouldn’t have seen certain sections of the trip if the schedule were not upside down – places we would’ve traveled in overnight, we are seeing in the daylight. People are taking it ok… the disclaimer on our ticket was true – that the train doesn’t always arrive on time!

We traveled through Manitoba’s farmland, then into lake land on our way into Ontario… just beautiful scenes of water and spring colors… at times, completely surrounded by water. Not much wifi through todays stretch – somehow relaxing.

My schedule on the train consists of a 1:30PM session in the economy lounge car, 4PM in the middle lounge car, and an 8PM session in the next to last lounge car. My 8PM sessions have turned into a jam/sing-a-long time with a few new friends… our set list consists of U2, Neil Young, John Denver and the like. It starts out with someone humming the tune, and I find the chords to go along with. Tonight, the comment was made of how wonderful it is to sing with others – the magic of harmony… what a gift music is for the soul! What a cool connection!