Rail Adventures – Day 5

Even though the train trip was an extra 22 hours long, I’m so thankful for the extra special moments as a result…

As it was an extra day on the train, I was asked to share some music in the ‘Prestige’ car located in the back of the train, where I hadn’t performed yet.  The folks there were wonderful, and packed the car to listen and sing along. There is something that brings people together when we’re totally out of control of the situation, and we just have to make the most of it.  It just started to become comical for how late the train was, and it brought out the laughter and lightness of the situation.  The staff were great – they tried their very best to make us feel comfortable… complete with a repeat of hors d’oeuvres and champagne in the afternoon… train life is tough!  After supper, word got around about my last music session of the trip, and the usual suspects and new friends showed up for the occasion.  About twelve of us gathered, taking turns singing lead as I played guitar, everyone piping in for the harmonies… it was magic! 

We pulled into TO at 7AM, said our goodbyes, exchanged emails, went our separate ways.  It’s a funny feeling after such an intense experience – we all began as strangers, now connected by friendship in such a short period of time… I will treasure my time with them! 

Canadian Music Week, here I come!