Recording Update November 18

Well – yet another magical day in the studio! Gavin and Stefano were on top of their game, delivering amazing drum fills and melodic lines. Again, I’m so honoured to have them play my music – the notes have come alive and the message is emphasized by each passing chord… ahhhhhhh… so satisfying! Three more songs equals 11 tracks done for bass and drums, then one more acoustic tune and that’s that. Now, its time to focus on my guitar and piano parts (Greg is hooking me up to record with a concert grand – hee hee!) and vocals. We had the talented Barb Olorenshaw in to lay down some killer violin tracks on a couple of tracks – I was inspired! Soon to have more friends join in on the fun! Thanks to Greg and Johnny for their encouragement and direction – they have to put up with me for hours on end 🙂