The streets of TO were full of activity last night, and the sound of music was everywhere. I took in a couple of bands at The Cameron House – what a cool venue! Tough to describe and wished I could take a decent picture in there, but unfortunately it was too dark. The ceiling was completely painted in artwork, as well as the walls… and cowboy boots hanging from the ceiling… I know!… really wished my pics turned out! A short walk away, I ended up at The Hideout with hard rock band, Amberwood. I stood outside The Horseshoe Tavern on my way back to my hotel to listen to Monster Truck, as the place was packed and opened out into the street. Totally fun night!

Yet another impressive day of learning at Canadian Music Week! We started bright and early talking about live touring and festivals. Helpful information on what agents, managers, and festival heads are looking for in bands. Comes down to creativity, followers and live performance. To end off the day, a session on the use of YouTube to promote music… some really great advice.

After some rehearsal (thanks to Rodney Guitarsplat Brent’s guitar charts!) and internet business, I’m excited to hear and experience Kiesza at the Sheraton tonight… will be a crazy dance party! I know – some of you are laughing, as you’ve seen me dance!… but guaranteed – nobody’s going be watching me 🙂

It’s been a long time since I’ve been away, and was mindful of my open mic at Mikey’s last night… I’m truly thankful for the Calgary music scene with all its music appreciators and songwriters/musicians. I miss you! I’m excited to share my new songs with you! I have lots of ideas to enhance the community, and share with you what I have learned here. Your encouragement and our journey together is what keeps this music biz survivable and would not be able to see the big picture without you. Thank you… and HUGS!