A bit disappointed last night, as the line-up to see Kiesza was about three miles long 3 hours before the gig. The lady taking tickets, said they would definitely be to capacity before the line up was through. As disappointed as I was, I was also really excited for Kiesza and can only imagine what she must feel before a big show like that. I wandered around downtown, and checked out a few clubs with music spilling out into the streets. My guitar in my hotel room was calling my name though, eager to get back at some song ideas I’ve been working on.

Bright and early, I was back at the conference this morning to take in some sessions on publishing, monetizing, syncing in television and advertising. One session in particular I was inspired by was with Cameron Strang – Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records and Publishing firm Warner/Chappell Music. From Vancouver, a true innovator and groundbreaker of the music industry in Canada – his humble beginnings as a music appreciator, then independent record label owner, and eventually over time, gained a reputation enough to take over for Warner Bros.. I was taken aback by his humble, shy nature, and at the end of the day – he loves the artist and the music foremost. He spoke about some of the artists he represents, like Neil Young and Tom Petty to Tegan and Sara and Micheal Buble – he described their personalities and the attributes he loves about them. A great example for me that really – you can be who you are and treat those around you with adoration and respect and still be successful in this business… any business for that matter. Stay true to yourself, and believe in your abilities – success is inevitable. I can’t tell you how incredibly helpful and eye opening this conference has been for me, and I intend on using the information to further my career and share with my artist friends back home.

Luckily, my phone died on me this afternoon – I say luckily, because while I waited for my phone to charge in my room, I took in a great 3-piece band downstairs and had some lunch. They played some old surf music and classic country/rockabilly tunes I haven’t heard in forever. The lead guitarist/singer played effortlessly, and he was such a card! I was just busting a gut listening to his rants and enjoyed the joy he brought to the audience. Wow – I wish I could play guitar like that! Maybe 20 years from now 🙂

Taking from my lessons learned last night, I plan to make sure I’m plenty early to get into the concert tonight with ‘Faith No More’. A band one of my brothers got me into as a teenager… a really cool and innovative band. I’m excited to hear some of their new material and of course, relive some of their old tunes. At this point, I could use some loud hard rock!