VIA RAIL – Day 4

As we make our way through Ontario, we travel through a tunnel of trees with the occasional reprieve to find ourselves surrounded by water – lots of water! Everyday, the scenery has changed into a different world altogether – this country is amazing!

I had a wonderful dinner last night of prime rib amongst new friends. The host seats us as we arrive to the dinner car, so I always look forward to sharing a meal with new faces.

I performed in one of four observation cars last night to some younger folks, so I was able to pull out more of my pop/rock songs. While I was singing, I watched as the sun was setting down onto the horizon – a moment I had to stop to take a picture of. At the end of the day, I met up with the usual crew – Bob from Southern California; Arnold and Laddi from Cape Breton; and John and Mira from Australia. We have a drink together, catch up on the day, and shoot the breeze about life in general. I will miss these folks, and will cherish my memories with them. I can only hope to have a fulfilling life as they have, and they’ve taught me to live in the moment more often. Its funny, they never talk about what they did for a career in their lives – only the lasting memories of traveling, where they live now, and the legacy of the children they created and their children’s children.

Unfortunately, we’ve been held up by so much traffic on the rails, we are running quite late. Freight train after freight train screams by us with their double decker loads. Some people are getting a bit nervous about arriving on time in Toronto to board another train connection… but as my friend Arnold said while observing the map of our train ride and immediately lightened the mood: ‘we just have a couple inches to go!’. Crack me up!