VIA RAIL – Day 1

I boarded a busy, stinky Greyhound bus bound for Vancouver last night – scanned the crowd, and took a seat next to a Chinese lady near the front. She couldn’t speak English… not even a little… which I guess can always be a bonus in little conversation… especially after smelling her breath after every long, intense yawn. Made me remember the blocked memories of bus transportation. A grueling trip filled with folks at the end of their rope just to get off the bus to have that all important smoke and a breath of fresh air. I quickly adopted the sit-up-snoozing stance, with my knees tightly up against the chair in front of me careful not to slump over into the aisle, with drool dripping from my mouth. My bus partner started cursing under her breath (I think it was cursing) after the lady in front of her laid back her seat, which practically called for a scalp massage from my Chinese friend. After a couple pushes back on the seat, I was awaiting a good old lady scrap right in front of me. I quickly let my Chinese friend in on the lever on her chair that would recline her chair as well, but her now cramped leg room was too much for the laid back chair to matter.   For some reason, my chair didn’t recline and I found myself longing just to lay down… in the aisle… on the floor… its amazing what goes on in your head when you’re tired and you can’t fall asleep!… its almost life or death!

After countless stops, smelly farts (not me, of course!), numerous drivers, and screaming children we safely arrived in gorgeous and blooming downtown Vancouver. At this point, all I could think of was my one priority – to brush my teeth! I dropped off my luggage at the VIA RAIL counter and made my way into the washroom, where a quick wash up and shirt change was in order. Wandering around outside desparete for a breakfast and coffee, I came upon Jimi Hendrix’s Shrine… closed unfortunately, but powerful and contemplative from one looking into the garden… why oh why did we have to lose this Legend – so young?! My mind started to wander at what kind of music we’d be hearing from Jimi today… probably some jazz fusion rock and roll, setting his house on fire…

Meeting up with my brother Kurt this afternoon at the station – just heard he’s touting the whole family along with! I’m looking forward to catching up… its been too long. I have to perform a short set in the Station restaurant later today before we take off on the train… Hmmmm… what to perform?!