VIA RAIL – Day 3

When I woke up this morning and opened my window, I was faced with the vast open space of the prairies… the grain elevators, abandoned out buildings, and lazy cows starring back at me. I was immediately taken back to the long days of gazing out my school bus window of the county I grew up on in Northern Alberta, watching as the power lines and fence posts run along the highway. I truly miss the openness of the sky, with no end in sight… a feeling foreign in city life of tall buildings and bright lights. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the mountains and rolling hills of Southern Alberta – there’s just something free about a horizon that goes on forever without interruption… a feeling that life will never end. If I were a painter, I’d paint the sky with all its spectrum of color and character. Perhaps I’m getting too sentimental spending time with seniors… or maybe I’m just finally winding down from the craziness of city life.

My audience demographic has inspired me to re-familiarize myself with my roots and the artists who have influenced me to play music in the first place… people like Joni Mitchell, Ian Tyson and Carole King. People are lapping it up, clapping and singing along… truly a beautiful and fulfilling experience. They actually like my original music too! Sometimes I feel like my lyrics are too dark, too honest for this audience – but I find that most everyone takes it in like they’ve experienced it themselves, and appreciate the authenticity that comes across.
Today, I have discovered another purpose of being a Songwriter… to be a gateway to feelings inside a person, and its usually healing. I watched as two ladies traveling together, clap along to my songs, laughing at each other for their lack of rhythm… it was beautiful to watch the joy in their faces. I am thankful to be privy to music, be inspired by it, and thus inspire… it’s a privilege and a great honor to share in the emotions of others.