WRAP-UP – Day 16 & 17

Right now, I’m sitting on the Greyhound bus in Golden, BC en route to Calgary… I’ve been sleeping mostly, as it was tough to sleep on the train this last trip. I have an empty seat next to me, so I just have to contend with my own bad breath! I’m still experiencing train ‘after-shocks’ as I occasionally wake up hearing the train whistle and the clickety-clack of the railroad, only to realize I’m not there anymore. It’s been surreal to see the train tracks of the route I was just taking yesterday…

As I said before, the people on the train were entirely different than the group I travelled with two weeks ago. I met a lot of highly educated, well-travelled folk of whom I found I listened to more than I shared. I really loved this though, and was inspired and learned so much about the possibilities of human beings and the opportunities life has to offer.

I have to say, that I was happy to perform my last set on the train – eager to finish this project and close the book on this experience. I ended up sharing all original material as my new friends listened on to support me. I can’t wait to introduce some new songs to my band, and am eager to perform those songs with a renewed vision.

As the train arrived early Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to check out Vancouver again… what a gorgeous city! I met up with Matt from the UK, a new friend from the train – on Davis across from the beach at a place called ‘The Three Brits’ of all places – how predictable! We sat, talked and admired the beach from our table – watching the cargo ships and ferries, hustle of people, bikes and dogs, and loving the atmosphere. We stopped at a couple other places before I was due to leave the city. A really cool day spent with a new friend… memorable!


I’m due back in Calgary in just a few hours… my mind is winding with all that I experienced – tangibly and in my mind and heart. There’s nothing like getting away to get some focus, reflection, and lessons on life… and as much as I hate to say it – being alone. Forced to look at myself, what I have become, and who I am to others. The encouragement from my friends and family felt like I was never truly alone, and I treasured your comments and thoughts along this journey with me. I want to be a better communicator, friend, and compassionate person to everyone around me. For relationships are an essential substance of sustaining life and personal growth. Life is for learning… embrace!